About Us

Sonal cater to you the authentic traditional vegetarian taste and flavor of India. Sonal’s Kitchen Catering Services offers Indian Vegetarian Food Catering in Louisville, KY. She specializes in Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi and South Indian. She can customize the taste according to your needs.

She brings all the spices from India, and blend them to guarantee fresh food. She prepare all the meal’s very carefully to make sure you get real teste from India with good quality.
Sonal’s Catering Service is one of top leading Indian vegetarian food catering company in Louisville, KY. We are conveniently located in Forest Spring North, Louisville, KY. Over the years we have catered to hundreds of birthday parties, Hindu temple, cultural organizations, large and small corporations and more. We provided a large variety of services for our clients – from catering to serving and more. We cater small parties to large events.

Note:- We are belong to priest family and serve only vegetarian food. You can order for temple Prasad or Puja as well. We can also make without garlic and onion food as per need.

Call today to cater your birthday, wedding, cultural event, Temple Puja, or any other special event. We will personalize our menu to meet your catering needs for your event. We are happy to answer any questions or make suggestions for a personalized menu that fits your budget and needs.

Tiffin Service

Sonal’s Kitchen offers delicious homemade tiffin service daily, weekly or mid weekly.
With popular demand, she now offers tiffins services for its clients with kids at home, college students, pregnant women and people with busy lifestyle that don’t have time to cook healthy fresh vegetarian home cooked meal with real test of India.
Min. order for any curry (subzi) 2 LB.